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Public Sector Employment Vetting

Our experience and knowledge will help you understand the unique challenges of developing and delivering the obligations of the Public Sector.

The provision of; services, supply chains and support functions within the public sector carry great responsibility. Ensuring that the right people are engaged to deliver these crucial services is more important than ever. In some case this involves vital protection of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). The proper screening of individuals helps to protect the reputation of our authorities and confidence in our public services.


Initial checks ensure that a person presents no immediate threat to the security of people or assets

It is proven that a lack of screening processes can lead to what is termed ‘insider threat’. Despite increased awareness of the issue, a high percentage of private companies working in the public sector fail to address the risk effectively. Most admit that they have difficulty in understanding and addressing this threat. The completion of strong yet proportionate screening is crucial to control and mitigate risk that is both physical and more increasingly cyber based.

The completion of pre-employment screening for staff and contractors, to a defined standard, is also the most effective way to evidence that an organisation resources possess the necessary qualifications, skills and qualities needed to fulfil the position.

Initial checks ensure that a person presents no immediate threat to the security of people or assets.

All checks and the procedures used to carry them out must also be designed to fulfil any legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements such as but not exclusively; right to work, employment history, residential status and subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, the presence of any previous history of criminal conviction.

The correct use of policy for after care and the proportionate implementation of procedures to review the circumstances of an existing resource will capture any change in an individuals personal circumstances. This supports the process for any change in role and/or continues to form part the organisations approach to risk management and compliance.


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Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS).

In the majority of cases Government will set and legislate for the levels of compulsory background checks to be conducted prior to employment commencing. This may include enhanced National Security Vetting that in the United Kingdom will require prior screening to the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS).

In addition to delivering screening services, Vetting Solutions are able to provide a comprehensive consultancy service to include risk assessment, policy and procedural development. To reduce the cost and impact on resources we believe it is equally important to firstly determine the appropriate level of screening for your organisation.

We will, as part of the process, ensure compliance with any legal and contractual obligations. We can also assist you with any evaluation both pre and post contract. Vetting solutions feature strongly within a number of tender proposals and our tender bid team are here to assist.