Private Sector

Private Sector Employee Background Checks

Working with organisations to implement effective and tailored employee screening based on our knowledge of industry trends and best practices within the screening industry.

Background screening is an important aspect of due diligence and business assurance. As such it should form part of the risk management process. Businesses are increasingly aware of the risks surrounding the exploitation of internal vulnerabilities. However, understanding how to mitigate those risks is less understood. If not addressed correctly this can result in significant financial loss and/or significant reputational damage. Common to all sectors the threat is both physical and logical.

The global deployment of resources, increased use of counterfeit identity documents and unchecked discrepancies within CV’s, means that any organisation not equipped with an effective background checking process will be susceptible to becoming a victim of economic crime.

It is reported when questioned, 33% of people admit to lies and exaggerations on their CV.

The reliance on technology for the supply of goods and services and the denial or disruption of services can take many forms. A threat often ignored is that of the insider!

Business’s that recognise corporate responsibility should also mitigate the insider threat by completing background checks on employees and contractors whilst at the same time putting in place a long term solution policy for review and aftercare.

Our experts understand and have practical experience of developing effective background checking policy, procedures and workflows. The guidelines that regulate the hiring process within an industry can be difficult to navigate. Vetting Solutions work with organisations to implement screening processes tailored to the positions they hire.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

It is often not appropriate or cost effective to set one level of screening for all posts. We recognise that suitable background checks are just as important to a small business as it is to a global organisation. Vetting Solutions can provide a cost effective web-based solution to suit any size of business even where there is a high turnover of staff.

In addition to delivering background checks, Vetting Solutions are able to provide a comprehensive consultancy service to include risk assessment, policy and procedural development. To reduce the cost and impact on resources we believe it is equally important to firstly determine the appropriate level of screening for your organisation.

Compliance with both legal and contractual obligations will always be a contributory factor in any requirements and we are happy to assist you with any evaluation both pre and post contract. Vetting solutions feature strongly within a number of tender proposals and our tender bid team are here to assist.