Bespoke Background Checks

Providing efficient and innovative services across all sectors with tailored and risk based bespoke background checks.

At Vetting Solutions, we recognise that background checks are just as important to small business as they are to a large global organisations. So whatever the size of your staff turnover, we can build the correct solution for you.



Tailored to you!

In addition to delivering the most innovative approach to checking a background, Vetting Solutions are able to provide a tailored risk assessment solution for use in determining the relevant level of background checks required for your organisation. Compliance with both legal, regulatory and contractual obligations will be an essential factor in the level of screening that you choose.

By adopting and designing a menu based approach, we can deliver you a bespoke and tailored service making sure you only get what you need to address your risks or meet your obligations and you don’t pay for something that you don’t need.